While tradition may be nostalgic, business change is important in an economy defined by insecurity and competition. Setting the industry standard, Amber Tiles have refreshed and evolved their brand, modernising their strapline, logo and marketing campaigns in Australia’s wall and flooring industry.

In an effort to maintain a positive and creative outlook in global tough times, the evolved Amber brand is based around the concept of personalised inspirations. Headed by the updated strapline, ‘Whatever your inspiration, Amber has the answer’, the campaign also involved a modernisation and sophistication of the Amber Tiles logo. The campaign also explores how ideas can come from anywhere - any picture, landscape or photograph, be it an exotic rainforest, a deep blue sea, or a deserted Australian Wheatfield, can be the perfect inspiration for renovation and home design.

Ron Geekie, Managing Director, Amber Tiles, while they wanted to maintain the recognised ‘Amber has the answer’ strapline, it was also essential to evolve and align it more with a developing customer base. While the basic tenet remains constant, Amber Tiles’ brand essence and image has been modernised and simplified in line with the new market. The evolution of the Amber brand will filter across its 28 franchise stores in NSW, ACT and QLD. Each showroom will be treated as an ‘inspiration destination’, with a creative atmosphere, design and motivated staff who stimulate the imagination of their customers.