Amber Tiles introduces the new and exclusive Timberstone and Atelier collections designed to recreate the beauty of timber in the home. 

Amber’s timber-inspired products replicate the authentic look of timber into pavers or porcelain tiles, bringing natural perfection and a modern twist to any home environment.

Amber’s tile specialist, Kate Lane explains that the trend for a timber look in a wide variety of shapes, finishes and colours has emerged from Europe. Timber products are commonly used overseas as feature walls, within bedrooms and lounge rooms and throughout the backyard.

Amber has seen a strong demand from customers for tile and paving applications that incorporate the look of timber.

Amber’s new Timberstone collection replicates the look of authentic aged sleepers while providing the durability of concrete pavers with a unique timber finish. Timberstone pavers are ideal for creating a vintage and rustic look on outdoor retaining walls and garden beds.

Amber’s outdoor and paving expert, Mike Barden explains that the Timberstone range provides renovators with an opportunity to create a unique style for any outdoor area. Timberstone pavers perfectly recreate the intricate detail of aged timber sleepers, making a significant difference to any outdoor area while also being capable of withstanding Australia’s harsh environment.

Amber’s innovative Atelier collection combines the proven reliability of porcelain with the aesthetic appeal of timber, and is purpose-designed for use both inside and outside the home, bringing the style and character of Italy to any home environment.

Kate Lane describes the Atelier collection as providing the best of both worlds by perfectly reproducing the visual characteristics of timber complete with details, knots and shades, in a tile that is affordable and suitable for all areas of the family home. 

Amber’s exclusive timber-inspired tile collections bring the intricate details of nature to any home environment.