The latest Eco range from Amber Tiles has been created for renovators looking to reduce their environmental impact and support the use of recycled materials in their home.

Representing a complete outdoor solution for environmentally-conscious landscapers, Amber’s Eco range includes Freestone Eco blocks for retaining walls and features, Eco Pave exposed aggregate pavers and Easy Lawn for green and garden areas.

Freestone Eco blocks present a DIY solution to create the perfect retaining wall for any outdoor living area. Containing 40 per cent recycled coloured glass aggregate sand, the blocks are available in ebony, limestone-blend and mist with the option of two finishes, standard or exposed (heavy shot blast).

The Eco Pave range of pavers offers a high quality and environment-friendly solution for surfacing outdoor areas. Containing 40 per cent recycled glass aggregate, the pavers are available in six different colours and textures.

According to Mike Barden, Amber’s outdoor specialist, the Eco blocks and pavers are manufactured in Tasmania with proprietary technology that uses up to 40 per cent less natural resources and 10 per cent less cement, resulting in significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Amber’s Easy Lawn range consists of 10 different types of lawn featuring non allergenic synthetic grass. The lawns are children-friendly and pocket-friendly, with no need to water, mow or weed, saving time, energy and resources.