Winter is the best time for homeowners to get their swimming pools and outdoor entertaining areas summer-ready with a new look for the season.

Amber Tiles special products manager, Ryan Adams suggests pool mosaics and edging to enhance the pool area aesthetically and economically. He explains that mosaic tiles are easy to maintain and their application to any pool area will add value to the home.

The classic blue mosaic tile for instance, is a simple but effective way to increase the appeal of the pool and surrounding entertaining areas. Grey mosaics are also going up on the popularity chart.

Amber offers mosaic tiles in various shapes, sizes and colours to enhance their application versatility. Homeowners will find that the positioning, placement and formation of the tiles offer great variety and opportunity to exercise one’s creativity with patterns and motifs.

Ryan recommends using the services of a tradesman with mosaic-laying experience and the correct installation material to lay the tiles.

Amber’s new polycord Spanish glass mosaic tiles have been tested by CSIRO and are proven to have one of the highest adhesion strengths in Australia.