Amber Plantation Shutters  hold the view that, in the case of wooden shutters, a high quality of construction is needed to cope with a changeable environment. Western Red Cedar is the shutter industry's premium wood of choice. It is durable and is used almost exclusively by quality shutter manufacturers.

One of the most practical qualities shutters provide is their ability to insulate against both summer heat and winter cold, without compromising views or privacy.

Plantation shutters can be applied to openings of almost any size or shape, including French and patio doors. They are easy to clean with either a damp cloth or feather duster.

Amber Plantation Shutters can paint new plantation shutters by colour matching clients’ walls or, alternatively they can use any solid colour that clients choose.

By using a computer and scanning the colour, they can usually match the chosen colour to as close as 99% accuracy. The simplest way is by using an existing swatch from the paint company so the colour can be matched exactly.