In a unique blending of natural resources and European style, a West Australian company has developed a complete range of pavers and cobblestones using reconstituted local limestone.

Called Europave, the cobblestones emulate the cobbles used in lanes and streets throughout Europe except these are available in a number of colours other than the traditional flinty charcoal.

Square pavers, made from the same reconstituted limestone – no blue metal is added – measure 300mm and are designed to stand alone or be used as borders or infills to the cobbles.

The cobblestones, while looking similar to the original cobble, have some distinct advantages and benefits. Installation takes a fraction of the time it used to as the cobbles come in sheets, linked together with nylon cord.

Instead of laying one cobble at a time, a whole sheet is laid in one go, with the flexibility of each sheet enabling the cobblestones to be laid with ease around any garden obstacle such as garden beds, trees, curves and corners.

Colours available include Whitford Beach (cream), Limestone (a washed white), Charcoal and Terracotta.
This type of stone has further advantages in that it stays cool in summer – ideal when bare foot around a pool – and it is salt-safe and colour fast due to a waterproofer added during manufacture.

Aesthetically, the cobbles and pavers introduce a greater scope for visual texture and pattern in landscaping – the pavers can be used alone or as borders and features amongst the cobblestones.

The pre-assembled cobblestone shapes - in fans and circles - deliver easily accessible design features that can be used to great effect in entranceways, courtyards and driveways. Both pavers and cobbles are suitable for all outdoor areas, including driveways and roads.

Europave pavers and cobbles are available exclusively from all Amber outlets throughout ACT, NSW and QLD.