For you, does whole home entertainment mean a pair of speakers in one room blaring loud enough to be heard throughout the home or poor sounding radio piped through intercom panels? Neither is very satisfying.

A growing number of people are enjoying the entertainment they want, where they want, when they want. Due to development by NuVo and pioneering work by custom installers, it is now easy to enjoy high quality sound throughout your home, office or yacht.

With a multi room, multi source system you can listen to the morning radio news in your bedroom, while another room listens to music and a third zone watches TV or a DVD, from one convenient system and, each person in complete control of their room independent of the others.

NuVo, available from Amber Custom Install , have both a wireless and wired iPod dock which allows the iPod menu to be seen and used via the NuVo Grand Concerto keypads around the home.

Imagine a dinner party in your dining room. It is far more relaxing to have a predefined selection of music piped directly to high quality discrete flush mount ceiling speakers, at just the right volume, than unrealistic levels blaring from your living room system to try and achieve the same thing.

With a multi zone system, you can change the music selection or volume without leaving the room or disrupting your guests. By using Sonance or NuVo weatherproof speakers, the same convenience can be bought to your BBQ and pool areas.

NuVo makes it affordable and easy with prices starting as low as some single source home audio systems and because NuVo packages have everything other than wire or speakers, it’s easy to choose exactly what you need and start enjoying the benefits of advanced home sound. Installation is simple and NuVo’s modular system means future upgrades are easy to manage.