Nothing beats being drawn into a great movie by big picture and sound. Increasingly, home cinemas are being designed into home and board rooms, either as a separate system or as part of a multi room system.

Often, the cinema will form the heart of the multi room system and house the components for both. Cinemas vary from a simple discrete system in the family or lounge room to jaw dropping dedicated theatre rooms.

The advent of large screen plasma and LCD screens and affordable video projectors, along with quality software on DVD and digital TV broadcast, has made the dream of striking large images a reality in many homes.

Sport, movies and video games take on a whole new dimension when played in vibrant surround sound with a large crystal clear picture.

A full surround sound system in a family or dedicated room promotes the movie and sport experience to a whole new level. The difference between watching your favourite football team or movie on a small screen with poor sound to watching the same program on a large screen with good surround sound, which puts you in the centre of the crowd, is incredible.

A well designed and fitted dedicated room places you in the middle of the action with a visual and audio feast that rivals or surpasses most commercial movie theatres.

Meridian is universally acknowledged as an innovator in digital home theatre products, including surround sound processing, video scaling and high definition, speakers and DVD players.

Meridian products combine state of the art design and technology with ease of use and aesthetics. Meridian products are compatible with home automation systems and can be integrated with all brands.

Amber Custom Install  offers a wide range of digital home theatre products from Meridian.