Amazing Makeovers  has been providing makeover solutions to clients in the metropolitan area of Perth for over five years. During this period, Amazing Makeovers has made a name for itself as a customer-centric organisation.

The home and office makeovers that they have undertaken by Amazing Makeovers have come in for wide praise from the customers due to the quality of workmanship standards, the professional attitude of the workers who have made them as well as the good quality of materials that have been provided.

Amazing Makeovers designs solutions for the customers whether it is just a small renovation or a complete makeover.

Amazing Makeovers has a very simple consultation process to determine the exact requirements of customers. This process starts with an initial site visit to gauge ideas of the customers and determine design solutions. Amazing Makeovers also documents a plan of action and provides rough budget for the job, if possible.

In the second stage Amazing Makeovers puts together a detailed costing assessment and a detailed solution that it plans to implement. Finally the renovation job begins and the renovated building is handed over to the clients on completion of the renovation.