The Semi Precious collection from Amalgamated Marble celebrates the beauty of polished natural stone tiles and slabs featuring quartz, labradorite, petrified wood, feldspar, amethyst, jasper and agate. Each tile and slab is hand crafted to form a striking and practical finished surface that will inspire and delight.

The Semi-Precious Collection was launched in Australia by Amalgamated Marble in March 2007, and is available in tiles and slabs. The concept and design of this relatively new product to the international marketplace has come about due to the advances in quarrying and processing techniques and technology.

No one could have imagined 25 years ago that amethyst, for example, would be able to be processed into a full format 3cm thick solid gemstone slab measuring 2.75x1.45 meters and weighing 400kgs. The technology in the production of 1 slab (which takes up to 3 weeks) is significant, and involves resins and machinery, as well as an expert human touch.

In terms of functionality and durability, the Semi-Precious collection is a practical and user friendly surface. It has physical properties harder than granite, the petrified wood (240 million years old, from Madagascar) for instance is rated at 7.5 on the MOHS scale (diamonds are 10), with low absorption rates also.
Another feature of the semi-precious collection is the healing properties, labradorite for instance is a mineral that absorbs negativity, and enhances wisdom and understanding. While angel jasper promotes balance and harmony.