The AM-BOSS Escape ladder from AM-BOSS Access Ladders can serve as an escape ladder in any building, old or new, where there is potential for entrapment.

Made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminium and anodised extruded treads, they can accommodate ceiling heights from 2400mm to a maximum of 4300mm. Tread widths start at 200mm and go up to 580mm.

The escape ladder is ideal for commercial applications as it is easily opened and closed from the top and the floor below. There is no danger of a service person being locked on top of the roof or inside the ceiling space, and in an emergency, quick escape is possible.

AM-BOSS Escape ladder is custom made and fully assembled with the option of adding a telescopic handrail and guardrail around the opening on top.

The hatch and ceiling panel are made of laminated timber board in a natural finish and are easily painted to match existing decor.

Additionally, AM-BOSS electric ladder is fully automatic with the push of a button on either floor – the ceiling panel opens and stairs move down in a smooth continuous action. By pushing the button again, it will silently retract and close the ceiling panel.

If a power failure should occur, it will switch to battery back-up, but can also be operated manually. This unit can also be coupled with smoke detectors so when smoke or fire is detected, it automatically opens.