The ceiling access ladders from AM-BOSS Access Ladders come with features which result from intelligent designing. Easy and quick operation is ensured by using a mechanism which is spring assisted. The ceiling access ladder from AM-BOSS Access Ladders is made of welded aluminium to provide strength and durability and zinc plating is done on all steel parts. Mounting is done in a manner to allow for clearance between the ceiling hatch and ladder steps, so as to ensure safer footing. AM-BOSS Access Ladders also provides handrails and slim fitting architraves, and dust and draught sealing strips in most models. All models are provided with concealed hinges by AM-BOSS Access Ladders. The ladders come fully adjustable and can be easily installed.

A unique design using a spring system counter balance enables the springs to get relaxed when the hatch is closed. This ensures life long service of the access ladder from AM-BOSS Access Ladders.

AM-BOSS Access Ladders also supply top opener and escape ladders and another model, the ‘Access-Meister’ which is made from New Zealand pine timber.