Gas Alarm System has launched Very Early Fire and Safety Alarm89 which can be duct mounted or wall mounted. Very Early Fire and Safety Alarm89 will continuously monitor for CO Products of Combustion gases for early fire detection.

A duct mount Very Early Fire and Safety Alarm89 can be either mounted on the fresh-air intake duct which will detect any incoming fumes getting sucked through the ventilation intake and generate alarm for the building services team or close the fire dampers.

Similarly, any toxic gas (mainly CO) generated due to fire at any one section of the building can not spread into other section of the building if a duct mount Very Early Fire sensor is installed in the return air duct.

Most of the building fires are smouldering fires due to burning of wood, carpet, upholstery and CO Products of Combustion is a good method for detecting this fire at a Very Early Stage”– by the time smoke or flame is detected it is already too late. Even aspiration type very early smoke alarms do not provide early solution.

This will also provide protection to occupants from Toxic Fumes like Carbon Monoxide which is generated due to fire

The Very Early Fire and Safety Alarm comes in two models, either duct mount model or wall mount model. Very Early Fire and Safety Alarm89 has built in CO Products of Combustion Sensor with life expectancy of more than 5 years (just replace the sensor after expiry of it’s life).

There is an option of having a relay board which provide 2 x DPDT, 2 NO/NC Relay contact, 5 A, 250 VAC for triggering A-V Alarm or controlling ventilation flaps. Further, it gives 4-20 mA analogue output for BMS or for any Gas Alarm Control System.

The wall mount is a stand alone self contained model with integral sensor, display, 4 x relays for alarms or triggering ventilation flap, 1 x fault relay (continuous watch dog), 3 x digital inputs for remote alarm re-set (say from security room), works on 24 V AC/DC (option 240 V AC operation) and has two 4-20 mA analogue output for BMS. As an option, one can also have built-in A-V Alarm. The system comes with Alarm LED and system fault LED

Applications: The Very Early Fire and Safety Alarm will find wide applications for early fire detection in commercial buildings, air-ports, enclosed railway station, hospitals, offices, laboratories, shopping centres, dangerous goods storage areas, warehouses, chiller plants, goods storage areas. Above all it will also provide Early Fire Warning for smouldering products of combustion fires.