Alvi Technologies  offer a Self-Calibrating CO2 (carbon dioxide) Monitor, which is maintenance free. The Self-Calibrating CO2 Monitor features Dual Beam, Gold Plated Infra-Red Detector, and a range of 0 - 5% Vol CO2.

Gas Alarm Systems’ Self-Calibrating CO2 Detector / Monitor works on Infra-Red sensing technology. Due to its ABC feature (Automatic Background Calibration), it self-calibrates itself (built in micro-controller does it) based on background CO2 levels.

The Self-Calibrating CO2 Detector / Monitor is totally maintenance free with expected life of 15 years. The sensing technology is based on Dual Beam Gold-Plated Infra-Red (NDIR) sensing technology.

The Transmitter works on 24 V AC or DC, 3 wire and gives 4-20mA output, which can be connected to any PLC, SCADA or MSR Germany PolyGard rage of gas controllers like MGC-03-02-02.

For Cellars, pubs, laboratories or CO2 cylinder storage areas, the MSR MGC-03-02-02 Gas Controller is well designed. It has display, keypad, 2 x alarms LEDs, 1 x power on green LED, 1 x fault LED with auto-diagnostics watchdog and a built-in buzzer.

There are 2 x relays for external alarms, for controlling ventilation fans or shutting-off gas supply solenoid valves. It works on 24 V DC. Power supply 240 VAC-24 VDC, SMPS is also available.