• Stainless steel housing
  • IP 65 with splash guard
  • Integral relay
  • Trace level CO2 monitoring
  • Infra-Red technology
  • RS 485, Lon-Bus, 4-20 mA analogue outputs
  • Choice of gas controllers
MSR Germany PolyGard CO2 sensor/transmitter incorporates gold-plated Infra-Red sensor and is designed to continuously monitor for CO2 in the trace level of 0-2000 PPM. CO2 sensor/transmitter will find wide applications in:  
  • Soil gas sampling, to detect injected CO2 that may have escaped from the reservoir and percolated to the surface (fluxes of CO2 and O2)  
  • Discovering potential risks of CO2 leakages from the reservoir to shallow potable water zones, surface soil and atmosphere  
  • Monitoring of CO2 in the capturing process eg Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)  
  • Sampling of surface soil gas for traces of leaking CO2 

Specifications / features:  

  • Gold-plated Infra-Red sensor  
  • A B C: Automatic Background Calibration (no calibration required)  
  • Range: 0 – 2000 ppm CO2 (4-20 mA, RS 485, Lon Bus for PLC, SCADA or PolyGard Gas Controller)  
  • Option of in-built heater for freezing temperatures (-40 Deg C)  
  • Option of integral relay for A-V Alarm or ventilation fans  
  • Various housing options: Stainless steel or IP 65 with splash guard or ABS plastic  
  • Option of duct mount kit – for installing in ventilation ducts

PolyGard sensor for continuous CO2 monitoring is available from Alvi Technologies.