Knick Universal Slim Line Strain Gauge Transmitter SensoTrans P32200 has a broad range of functions providing high accuracy and reliable 3-port isolation.

A device in 6 mm housing with documented functional safety: SensoTrans DMS P32200’s are approved to EN 61508, SIL 2.

Easy adjustment is available directly on the SensoTrans DMS P32200 - also when disconnected - with essential instructions printed on the device. Universal programming facilities available via IrDA interface and meet the functional safety approval: SIL 2 to IEC 61508.

Automatic recognition of 2-, 3-, or 4-wire connection of resistive sensors is achieved. Strain Gauge Transmitter offers universal usability due to 24 V DC to 230 V AC broad-range power supply or Quick connection to 24 V DC supplies through DIN rail bus connectors.

SensoTrans DMS P32200 offers 3-port isolation for interference-free operation in all applications with 8-pin housing - just 6 mm in width

The Strain Gauge Transmitter finds ideal applications in control and monitoring systems, SIL 2(3) rated safety shutdown systems and for similar critical jobs. Analogue signals with 0 ... 20 mA / 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 5 V / 0 ... 10 V are available at the output of the transmitter.

Knick offers different model versions which are optimally suited for the different measuring tasks – simple and inexpensive devices specifically tailored to their respective task or universal transmitters for a wide range of sensors.

The SensoTrans DMS P32200 transmitters for strain gages provide connection possibilities for all standard strain gage full bridges, strain gage force transducers, and strain gage load cells in 4-wire configuration, as well as an external or internal supply of the sensor. A true broad-range power supply was integrated in a strain gage transmitter.

Furthermore, the SensoTrans DMS P32200 fits into a 6 mm housing, offering maximum performance in a small spaces. Adjusting the zero point (tare) and sensitivity to the individual strain gage sensor is particularly convenient – for example at the push of a button using a PDA. SensoTrans DMS P32200 includes an amplifier with selectable calibrated ranges.

With a rotary coding switch the characteristics of force transducers, load cells, etc. can be easily adjusted. Knick Strain Gauge Transmitter is available from Alvi Technologies.