Knick High-voltage isolation with the new TransShield technology VariTrans P 40000 offers galvanic isolation and standardisation of voltages and currents at a high potential.

Working voltages up to 3600 V AC/DC and test voltage up to 15 kV AC, calibrated range selection and VariPower broad-range power supply, efficiency compressed in a compact modular housing – with a unique combination of product features, Knick's new VariTrans P 40000 series shows what is possible today in isolators with high isolation capability.

The universal devices transmit voltages and currents, ensure galvanic isolation with high isolation and convert the input signal with high accuracy into a standardised output signal.

In this series, Knick relies on the newly developed TransShield technology which compared to conventional designs enables compact high-voltage transformers with low leakage. Due to the resulting space advantage, the P 41000 shunt isolators can be installed in an only 22.5 mm wide modular housing.

A highly functional and unique feature of high voltage isolators is the calibrated range selection: 16 input/output signal combinations can be easily selected with a rotary coding switch on the front of the device. Tedious on-site adjustment using a screwdriver, calibrator, or multimeter is no longer required. There are no drift problems due to instable trim components (e.g. potentiometers).

Easy scalability of the range selection supports customised solutions; optimally adapted to the respective application, up to 16 tailor-made signal combinations can be implemented in one device.

Vacuum encapsulation protects the circuitry against environmental influences and reliably ensures the high insulation strength required for working voltages up to 3600 V AC/DC. At the same time, not only the safety regulations stipulated in EN 61010-1 but also the regulations of the EN 50124-1 standard (insulation coordination for railway applications) are observed. Thus the isolators are equipped for galvanically isolated measurements in railway transportation technologies up to a voltage of 3000 V DC.

The VariTrans P 40000 series is interesting for applications in the monitoring and control of electric drive systems that can be operated with medium or high voltages. Further applications can be found in railway power supply. Main tasks include voltage monitoring or measurement of operating and fault currents in direct current switchgear.

VariTrans P 40000 series class offers good efficiency and flexibility which support the user optimally in the development of his product or system solution.


Universal usability: input 60 mV up to 3600 V as well as 100 mA up to 5 A
New TransShield technology enables compact modular housing
Working voltages up to 3600 V AC/DC
Protection against electrical shock through Safe Isolation up to 1800 V AC/DC
Increased test voltages up to 15 kV AC
Good transmission properties:

  • gain error only to 0.08%
  • cut-off frequency > 5 kHz
  • rise time T90 <0.1 ms

Practically no influence from common-mode voltages: CMRR > 150 dB
High immunity to transient interferences: T-CMR > 115 dB
Tremendous flexibility provided by

  • calibrated switching of up to 16 input/output ranges
  • up to 16 customer-specific measuring ranges
  • VariPower 20 V to 253 V AC/DC broad-range power supply unit

Reliable function even with unstable supply
No destruction in the event of erroneously incorrect mains voltage
Switchable types reduce variety of versions, thus saving storage costs
Robust due to vacuum encapsulation
Suitable for direct current railway systems up to 3000 V DC
Mechanically stable for operation on ships, rail vehicles, and land crafts

Knick High Voltage Signal Isolator is available from Alvi Technologies.