Ethylene (C2H4) is widely used in fruit cool rooms to ripen the fruits. During ripening process, fruits also generate ethylene which accelerates the ripening process. If fruits are over-ripped, they start rotting giving out ethanol.

In order to control the right ripening of fruits, one can use the Gas Alarm Systems’ Ethylene Gas Detection system. The sensor works on dual beam infra-red sensing technology and has a range of 0 to 3% Vol (0 to 30,000ppm ethylene). The transmitter gives out 4-20 mA (24V DC, 3 wire) analogue signal output, which can be connected to any PLC, SCADA or fruit cool room controllers. Ethylene gas detection systems are available from Alvi Technologies .

The Ethylene transmitter can also be supplied for on-line application for continuous on-line sampling of the ethylene dosing system. It will come with sample in-let and out-let ports

Alternatively, the 4-20 mA analogue output can be connected to Alvi Technologies’ range of MGC Gas Controllers for alarm generation, display of concentration and control of ventilation system or dosing of ethylene. The transmitter housing is made of ABS material (impact resistant, flame retardant), IP 65 and comes with splash guards for protection against water and dust.

The Ethylene transmitter has a wide application in fruit cool rooms, super markets and containers carrying fruits.