Alvi Technologies introduces floating electrodes from Jola Germany designed to detect oil on the surface of water tanks.

The Jola – SCHE floating electrodes can be installed in waste water holding tanks to detect floating oil. Jola sensors have the ability to detect oil at a minimum level of 3-4mm.

The specific gravity of most oils is less than water, resulting in the oil rising to the surface. This oily layer floating on top is detected by the sensor, generating an alarm past the 3-4mm level.

The four floats help the unit sit on the surface, bobbing up and down with the tank level automatically. The sensor doesn’t need to be fixed at a certain level, like some devices.

A special ILS version is also available for tanks that might be completely dry from time to time. In normal conditions, a dry tank will activate the alarm. The floats are available in various materials including PP and stainless steel.

Jola – SCHE floating electrodes are also available with European ATEX certification for hazardous installations. These devices meet the requirements of Sydney Water and the local EPA regulations.