Alvi Technologies  presents compact resistance thermometer transmitters ideal for use in clean rooms, ventilation rooms, and fire smoke pressurisation/ isolation rooms.

Featuring a miniature resistance thermometer for temperature measurement, the TW 68 compact resistance thermometer transmitter incorporates the Pt 100 4-wire resistance thermometer and comes in class B as standard with class A, 1/3 or 1/10 DIN upon request.

The measuring range is programmable between -50°C and +200°C.

Feature highlights of the TW 68 compact resistance thermometer transmitters include an LCD display with colour change backlighting as clean room signal light and integrated control system for in-situ adjustments.

A 2-wire device with analogue output of 4-20 mA for PLC, SCADA and BMS, the TW 68 works on 24 V DC and comes with IP 65 weather-proof protection.