Kyoto protocol emphasises reduction in green house gases like CO2 and methane for climate control. Many countries are putting carbon trading schemes to meet the requirements under Kyoto protocol. The aim is to have carbon credit or to become carbon neutral and not to pay for carbon debit.

CO2 Gard from Gas Alarm Systems, a subsidiary of Alvi Technologies , is a simple, low cost and low maintenance CO2+VOC transmitter based on latest bio-semi-conductor sensing technology. The transmitter detects CO2+VOC content in air and emits a proportional linear, analogue output of 0 to10V or digital RS 485 (MODBUS) output. In addition, it also comes with the option of temperature sensor in the range of 0 to 50°C, with the option of maximum 3 levels of sequence control (heating, damper, cooling).

It can be installed in offices, buildings, shopping centres, churches, hotels, conference rooms to monitor the IAQ (indoor air quality, CO2/VOC) and control the fresh air intake fan only when required, instead of running the fan all the time. This way one can save 40 to 80% on energy cost and thereby save green house gases to get carbon credit.

Further it will also help in maintaining healthy indoor air quality and protects buildings from sick building syndrome. It meets the requirements under BCA (Building codes of Australia), LEEDS/USA for energy efficiency requirements. The range of the CO2/VOC Gard is 0 to 2000ppm. It can be set to control the fresh air fan to maintain IAQ at 1000ppm. Depending on the building requirement one can go for wall mount model or duct mount model.

The CO2/VOC Gard is based on the latest bio-semi-conductor sensing technology from Germany. The same sensing technology is used by BMW, MERCEDES in their luxury cars. Some rail companies are also considering to use these in rail coaches to provide healthy IAQ.

The CO2/VOC Gard has gas detection range of 0 to 2000ppm with an optional temperature sensing 0 to 50°C. It gives out 0 to 10V analogue output, RS 485 for BMS or for Damper actuator. It has auto-calibration features with built in self diagnostics. The sensor has an accuracy of +/-30ppm +/- 2% of reading. It comes with the option of sequence control, status LED, 2 x Relays, IP 65 housing and Duct mount kit.