Alvi Technologies announces the launch of a new compact and cost-efficient range of digital plug in analysers featuring Memosens sensors for measurement of multiple parameters.

The new MemoRail is the first genuinely compact digital analyser for measuring pH values, ORP, conductivity, oxygen and temperature using Memosens sensors.

MemoRail analysers find use in applications involving drinking water, wastewater, sewage plants, aquaria, fish farms, greenhouses, fermentation, rinsing equipment, car wash systems, and water treatment plants.

The plug and measure design of MemoRail plug in analysers ensures the equipment is ready for measurement on connecting a pre-calibrated Memosens sensor. Used sensors can simply be replaced.

Optimum availability of the point of measurement is achieved by using pre-calibrated sensors with contactless Memosens technology. The new MemoSuite software tool is used to calibrate the sensor under reproducible conditions in the laboratory. Separate sensor data is always directly assigned to each Memosens sensor. The sensors eliminate typical problems at the connector involving humidity, corrosion or even defective galvanic isolation.

MemoRail’s excellent features enable the implementation of measurement stations with low overall costs, especially when used in combination with modern Memosens sensors tailored for use with the measurement device.

Key features of MemoRail plug in analysers include compact design with highly space-saving narrow modular housing measuring only 12.5mm wide; perfectly suited to installation in restricted spaces including control cabinets, fermenters, and ships; simple configuration via DIP switches requiring set up only once for measurement parameters and ranges; multiple variants available for precise adjustment to the application; 24 V DC via screw terminals/bus connectors or 90 to 230 V AC via the integrated VariPower broad range power supply; and LEDs to report operating and sensor states.