Alvi Technologies presents Memosens, a new technology that has revolutionised measurement safety in liquid analysis, using contactless and digital sensors.

In any liquid analysis process, the sensor and the way the measured value from the sensor is transmitted to the control room, play a very critical and important role within the loop. When it comes to pH measurement, low measuring signals and very high internal sensor resistances require a high-impedance connection to the transmitter.

Developed by Endress + Hauser in partnership with Knick, the new contactless and digital sensor technology aims to address the measurement problems associated with conventional liquid analysis systems.

The new Memosens technology digitalises the measured value in the sensor and sends it to the transmitter via a non-contact connection, eliminating the problems caused by conventional connector systems.

Memosens advantages:

Memosens technology extends sensor life by up to 40%; reduces process downtimes through simple sensor replacement; allows reliable measurement, being completely insensitive to ambient conditions such as humidity, corrosion, salt bridges, bad contacts, poor galvanic isolation or long cables; facilitates connections under water; has a metal-free connector; and provides perfect galvanic isolation enabling disturbance-free data transfer, unaffected by ground potentials.

Memosens technology is equipped to handle the unique challenges of analytical measuring tasks in a wide range of industries such as chemical, petrochemical, energy production, pharmaceutical, food and water/wastewater treatment. Memosens is suitable for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas.

Measuring systems featuring Memosens technology from Knick guarantee reliability and safety at the highest level.

Memosens system overview for process analytics

Memosens sensors are available for measuring pH, ORP, Conductivity and Oxygen. Analysers featuring Memosens technology include Protos, Stratos Evo, Stratos MS, Stratos Pro, and Memorail. Fittings include immersion fittings, flow through fittings, in-line fittings, Sensogate retractable fittings, and Ceramat retractable fittings. Sensor management is facilitated through Memosuite.

Memosens system overview for portable analytics

Memosens laboratory sensors are available for measuring pH, Conductivity and Oxygen. Portable analysers featuring Memosens technology include Portavo. Paraly is used for data management.