Alvi Technologies presents a range of products from Gas Alarm Systems designed for effective monitoring, detection and measurement of phosphine in fumigation processes.

Fumigation is the process of exposing infested stocks or storage containers to fumes of a toxicant in lethal doses within an enclosed and airtight atmosphere for a given period. Playing a key role in the control and management of infestation, fumigation is considered a curative treatment that adds to storage hygiene by maintaining an infestation-free storage environment in compliance with regulatory requirements.

One of the most commonly used fumigants, phosphine needs to be monitored carefully during fumigation to ensure the process is carried out properly and worker safety is ensured.

PH3 detector strips

Designed to alert workers to the presence of PH3 in dangerous levels, PH3 detector strips are simple and cost-effective and come in a measurement range of 0.3–10 ppm. The strip will indicate a sharp colour change from yellow to light pink on exposure to PH3.

PH3 detector tubes

PH3 detector tubes protect workers during fumigation operations by alerting them when PH3 concentration reaches dangerous levels. Best suited for spot checks of PH3 in and around the fumigated area, PH3 detector tubes are available in 0.05–2.5 ppm, 5–100 ppm, 50–1000 ppm, and 150–3000 ppm ranges.

PH3 dosimeter tubes

PH3 dosimeter tubes are used for the measurement of PH3 dose received by the commodity during the entire period of fumigation.

PH3 electronic gas monitors

PH3 electronic gas monitors include personal gas monitors for personal safety with a range/resolution of 0–20 ppm/ 0.01 ppm, and portable gas monitors with a monitoring range/resolution of 0–2000 ppm/ 1 ppm.

Uniphos 350M PH3-Lo gas detector

Designed to protect workers during fumigation operations by alerting them to the presence of dangerous levels of PH3 concentration, Uniphos 350M PH3-Lo gas detector is available in a range of 0–20 ppm with a resolution of 0.01 ppm.

Uniphos 250PM PH3-Hi gas monitor

An excellent means to measure PH3 concentration within a fumigated stack/ silo/ ship with a range of 0–2000 ppm and a resolution up to 1 ppm, Uniphos 250PM PH3-Hi gas monitor has an inbuilt data logger for 3000 samples and Bluetooth connectivity to a printer or PC with a data downloading software.

Uniphos FumiTrack

Used for high concentration monitoring of PH3, the Uniphos FumiTrack provides four inlets and has inbuilt memory capacity to store 1000 data values with date, time and two locational identifiers. Remote data transmission is possible via GSM text messaging and Bluetooth.