Aluxor Awning Systems is a specialist manufacturer of premium folding arm, conservatory, and vertical screen awnings all tailored for Australian conditions using the best materials available.

Aluxor awning systems are made using the finest products from fabric and automation specialists and are backed by a five year warranty.

Aluxor use motors and other automation features from Somfy of France. Available automation options for these awning systems include hard wired or remote control, as well as the inclusion of sun, wind and timer systems to automate awning retraction.

When it comes to the fabrics used to construct Aluxor awning systems, customers have a choice of a range of premium quality fabrics to suit various tastes and applications.

Dickson is a French manufacturer of acrylic fabrics who provides a selection of over 80 vibrant plain and patterned fabrics within their ‘Orchestra’ collection.These awning fabrics are treated with Sunacryl and Cleangard to help them retain their colours and repel dirt. They also effectively block out almost all UVB radiation, reduces solar energy received by 70 - 90 percent, and filters sunlight up to 90 percent.

Also from the Dickson range of awning fabrics is the Sunworker collection. This fabric is a high-tech solar protection screen fabric available in 25 colours.A lightweight polyester based cloth with a plastisol coating, Sunworker awning fabrics have a high resistance to harsh weather conditions, dirt markings and are fire retardant. The UV protection of Sunworker fabrics ranges from 80 - 94 percent depending on the fabric selected.

Fabrics also available for Aluxor awnings include:

  • Soltis - efficient thermal protection, greater supply of natural light, optimal levels of transparency and visibility toward the outside, stands up to tension without tearing or loosing shape.
  • Docril - 40 plain and pattern colours, treated to resist harsh Australian climate and maximise longevity
  • Outlook - mesh fabric allows air to circulate, blocks harmful sun rays, high resistance to sagging, fraying and tearing.