Aluxor Awning Systems  provides vertical screen awnings, folding arm and conservatory with more than 20 years experience in Australia. Aluxor’s products are known to be used in different fields such as residential, retail and commercial applications. Aluxor Awning Systems also offers after sales support and services.

The product portfolio of Aluxor Awning Systems includes folding arm awnings, which are available in five different styles. The folding arm awnings provided by Aluxor Awning System can extend to maximum of 21 metres in width. Discus is used for commercial and residential applications.

Discus unit is a fully enclosed awning with a depth of 234mm and a height of 124mm. Folding awnings are known to protect fabrics from rain, humidity and dirt. Recessed mounting, wall fix and top fix are the different installation methods that can be used. The unit also comprises of timer systems and an optional remote control.

The Olympian is another style of folding awnings provided by Aluxor Awning Systems. Olympian is also fully enclosed cassette. When retracted, the depth is 204mm and the height is 120mm. Olympian is known to be suitable for balconies and residential application. The unit can be operated manually using a gear and a crank handle.

Toga is retractable awning that consists of an outer cassette which offers protection from corrosion and dirt.