Aluminium Balustrades North Coast (ABnc) offer a selection of balustrading suites ideally suited to the conditions in South East Queensland and other areas which experience similar weather patterns.

Bondi Suite
The fabrication on this balustrading does not require any welding and it is a popular choice for use in fire stairwells and Queenslander style homes. The top rail can be made a different colour to the rest of the balustrade making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Noosa Suite
The design of this balustrading incorporates a simple bar rail which is welded together and incorporates ABnc's unique oval tube. This option is also available as a three rail balustrade on request.

Maleny Suite
This rail is also available as a three rail option and has the same design as the Noosa Suite with the exception of a round tube instead of an oval one.

PT Cartwright Suite
This balustrade is very popular on timber platforms and decks although it should not be used as pool fencing. Its design incorporates 316 stainless steel wire and ABnc's unique oval tube.