Some flooring surfaces can be dangerous in food preparation areas because they gather dirt in their gaps and cracks. This is critically important in hospital and aged care facilities, food retailers and manufacturers, and the hospitality sector because of the utmost need for the most germ-free environment possible.  

“Hygiene is arguably the single most important factor when designing one of these facilities,” says Altro marketing manager, Warwick Duncan.  

“We are trying to educate those people in vital decision-making roles that their traditional flooring choice may not provide the most hygienic solution available,” he continued.  

Germs have ‘nowhere to hide’ when Altro Safety Flooring is used because there are no gaps or cracks. Altro’s flooring is hot-welded, making it completely seamless and impervious, and therefore more hygienic.  

Altro is the only flooring endorsed by HACCP Australia as suitable for use in food processing and food handling environments.  

In fact, Altro Safety Flooring is an effective solution all round. With up to 20 years life expectancy, there is no glaze to wear off. It contains Altrosan which helps fight potentially deadly bacteria such as MRSA and VRE.  It has up to R12 slip resistance, class-leading cleanability, and provides greater comfort underfoot for staff.  

The perfect partner combination for Altro Flooring is new Altro Wall Cladding, a hard-impact covering for internal walls which is ideal for hospitals and health care facilities, commercial kitchens and food and drink processing installations.