Altro Safety Flooring presents the new Altro Walkway Plus 20/ VM20 Plus range designed to create inspiring environments with a high safety factor.

The Altro Walkway/ VM20 safety flooring range has been extended to include bright and subtle colours, as well as decorative chipped options. The addition of 19 new Altro Walkway Plus/ VM20 Plus colours has expanded the choice to 42 options for enhanced design flexibility.

The new Altro Walkway/ VM20 safety flooring collection extends the potential application range, enabling the designer to create inspiring environments in a variety of installations.

The Altro Walkway Plus 20/ VM20 Plus safety flooring range contributes to reducing the environmental impact with an A + BRE Generic Green Guide Rating for Safety Flooring.

The wide safety flooring range is only matched by its versatile application scope, especially in receptions and communal areas, waiting rooms and practice rooms in the healthcare segment, corridors and accommodation in the education segment, as well as in dementia and elderly care homes.