Altro Safety Flooring and Walling has introduced a new safety flooring product specifically for use in wet environments.

Ideal for installation in all environments, both wet and dry, the new Altro Pisces safety flooring has been created for a wide range of places from care homes, social housing and student accommodation to spas, saunas and swimming pools among many other high-end wet environments as well as home-away-from-home settings.

The first safety flooring to feature AltroBead technology, Altro Pisces offers the soft, consistent look expected from domestic interiors, addressing the demand for beautiful homely settings instead of the cold and clinical look common in such environments while ensuring safety is not compromised.

Altro Pisces offers the perfect balance of functional safety and aesthetics with a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of ≥50 (R10, Class B, p5) and a choice of 16 beautiful shades inspired by nature. The safety flooring has been developed to complement the Altro Whiterock cladding range, forming a sealed, watertight system for enhanced safety and hygiene.

Altro Pisces allows designers to bridge the gap between high-performance safety flooring and demands for domestic-style flooring. The nature-inspired colours and soft finish deliver the high-end look expected in spas and residential care environments where people want to feel relaxed and not conscious of the fact they’re walking on safety flooring. The high slip resistance of the floor enables people to take their safety for granted.

Altro Pisces is recommended for home adaptations to keep vulnerable users safe and independent in their own home along with their carers for as long as possible.

Altro Pisces simplifies maintenance with the integrated Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR allowing easy and quick cleaning.

Altro Pisces is the first safety flooring to be developed with AltroBead Technology wherein tiny beads in three carefully selected hues are blended and evenly distributed into the flooring on top of the base colour. This results in a consistent, soft appearance commonly seen in domestic interiors. The subtle blend of four colours in each shade makes matching or choosing walls and fixtures much easier and allows a different, and more personal, touch within block accommodation, even if the same flooring is chosen across the building.

Altro Pisces provides slip-resistance of one in a million against common contaminants found in wet environments including shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. There is also less pressure on maintenance teams to keep the flooring dry while carers can focus on bathing, drying and dressing residents without having to worry about slips and falls.

Altro Pisces maintains its slip resistance throughout its lifetime, preventing wear and tear from shoes while being easy on bare feet.

Altro Pisces has been designed to fit perfectly with Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding, forming a sealed, watertight system for enhanced safety and hygiene. When combined with the smooth appearance of Altro Whiterock Satins or Altro Whiterock Digiclad, the safety flooring creates an impressive high-end look and allows tailored designs. Altro Pisces also goes well with Altro Woodsafety.

Altro Pisces is manufactured using responsibly sourced materials. Being 100% recyclable post-installation, the product allows any off-cuts to be recycled through the Recofloor scheme.

Image: Altro Pisces maintains its slip resistance throughout its lifetime