Altro Safety Flooring introduces a new safety flooring solution designed for adhesive-free installation, saving time and minimising downtime. The Altro XpressLay is a revolutionary development in the evolving safety flooring industry.

Altro XpressLay safety flooring is installed using a tape system instead of the conventional adhesive, allowing faster installation than traditional resilient flooring. The safety flooring is effective even on subfloors with moisture problems and can be installed without a damp-proof surface membrane.

Traditional glue-down flooring typically requires the adhesive to cure overnight. Altro XpressLay is significantly faster to install and ready for use on the same day, making the adhesive-free safety flooring ideal for projects that can’t afford a lengthy shutdown.

Key features and benefits of Altro XpressLay safety flooring include choice of 42 colours in bright and subtle hues with traditional (sparkle) or modern (sparkle-free) finishes; Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR technology added for better cleaning results and chemical and stain resistance, ensuring excellent appearance long-term; adhesive-free installation allowing reuse of the material multiple times; and full recyclability at end of product life.

Claire Merrick, Senior Designer, Boost Juice Bars Australia comments that Boost Juice is very conscious of projecting a fresh image to the public, and is constantly designing its stores to ensure an attractive environment is maintained for customers and team members. Currently in the process of refurbishing the existing network of stores, Boost plans to use the new Altro XpressLay to save them a great deal of time and also benefit from its environment-friendly characteristics.

Richard Martin of Pacific Flooring Services in Queensland is a commercial contractor who knows through experience that Altro products provide long-term solutions for both his business as well as his customer base. He has been gradually adopting Altro flooring products into his business over the last six years. Though sceptical about the new Altro XpressLay vinyl flooring at first, he changed his mind after seeing the outcome. His installers were also highly impressed with XpressLay’s flexibility.