A company with over 60 years of experience in delivering facility solutions, Altro pioneered a complete system of compatible hygienic wall cladding and safety flooring systems. The fully integrated cladding and flooring systems provide a hygienic, watertight solution in facility applications, leaving a smooth, uninterrupted surface without gaps or rough edges even around plug sockets, light switches and corners.

All Altro products are thoroughly tested to perform to levels exceeding industry standards, ensuring both safety and hygiene for the business in the end application. Businesses investing in Altro safety flooring and hygienic wall cladding systems gain from a long-term solution delivering benefits such as low maintenance, minimal cleaning and fewer repairs.

Elizabeth Morgan, Director of Springtime Aged Care, a 50-bed facility, recently commented that their annual wall maintenance budget went from $18,000 to $42,000 resulting from accidental staff-related damage following the introduction of some new mobility aids.

Once they installed Whiterock in the area, they were able to eliminate the damage and ongoing maintenance cost, providing a saving of $42,000 per annum. The facility only had to incur the one-time upfront cost of $9,000 for installing Whiterock for the area.

Another facility, a leading hospital in Melbourne, sought to refurbish their ensuites. However, with every ensuite servicing four beds, each worth $3,000 per day, a single refurbishment could take four beds out of commission for five days, costing the hospital $60,000 at $12,000 per day. The hospital put off these refurbishments as they had not found any solution to avoid the lengthy shutdowns.

By choosing to implement an Altro floor and wall solution, the hospital was able to reduce the shutdown by two days; the facility was also able to save substantially on installation costs, especially when calculated across all 90 ensuites servicing 360 beds in addition to minimising downtime, lost revenue and disruption to patients.

Installing Altro walling and flooring was not only quicker and cheaper in the long run, but also a much more innovative choice due to its durability, long-lasting performance and easy maintenance. The Altro floor and wall package cost $5,700 per ensuite. By getting the ensuite back in operation two days earlier, the hospital was able to save $18,300 overall, with total savings achieved across 90 ensuites totalling to $1,647,000.

Altro PVCu wall cladding and safety flooring solutions have proven their value time and again in a wide range of environments. Altro’s confidence in their products is reflected in the long warranties, some even up to 20 years.