Leading Australian retail supermarket chain FoodWorks selected a low slip flooring product from Altro to ensure safety for both staff and customers at their stores.

K-30 safety flooring products were installed at FoodWorks stores primarily for their low slip properties that ensured the company could fulfil their duty of care for staff and customers. The low maintenance floor does not require polishing or buffing and has a significant impact on Public Liability Insurance, saving them money.

Though the retail chain was only legally required to provide an R9 product, FoodWorks chose the R10 slip rated floor for additional safety as well as cost savings. An R9 floor would have required the store to provide floor mats, which not only add an extra $118 per month for changing and cleaning expenses, but are also a trip hazard.

FoodWorks was able to complete the flooring project well within a very realistic budget following two years of planning. The company will also be able to save significantly over the life of the building thanks to Altro’s longer warranties compared to competitor products.

FoodWorks has received appreciation from both staff and customers for prioritising their safety.