A high gloss resin flooring system from Altro Safety Flooring was installed for Black Blue Photographic Hertfordshire to give visitors the right first impression at their Welwyn Garden City photographic studios. The AltroFlow EP high gloss resin system installed by ACC Flooring has delivered a picture-perfect flooring solution to the studio.

A previous bad experience with resin flooring from a different manufacturer and installer left Black Blue’s Trevor Burton unsure about the flooring choice. Though he thought he'd found his perfect floor when he had a matt white resin installed at the photographic studios, poor workmanship left him with an increasingly unsightly and unsafe floor.

Seeking a solution to remedy the situation, he searched online and found a stunning picture of high gloss AltroFlow on ACC Flooring's website and contacted the installer to find out more. AltroFlow EP is a three-part solvent-free, epoxy resin system that delivers a high-gloss, easily cleaned and smooth seamless surface with good chemical and impact resistance.

Visiting the photographic studios for the first time, Nick Megson of ACC Flooring was shocked by the poor quality of the previous installation. A cement-based levelling compound had been over-laid with resin before it had properly dried out, leading to large areas lifting off the floor.

Nick decided to take the floor right back to the concrete, and then start again with correct and extensive substrate preparation, a 1mm scratch coat of resin followed by 3mm of AltroFlow. ACC Flooring worked out of hours to minimise disruption to the studio, and completed the epoxy resin flooring installation quickly and cleanly.

Trevor Burton of Black Blue Photographic is delighted with the finished product and very impressed with the ‘wow factor’. He adds that the stunning floor has not scuffed or scratched, and is also easy to clean.