Altro Transflor safety flooring was specified for trams operated by the Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen (SSB), an award-winning local transport company in Germany that operates 70 lines, and 500 buses and trains.

In addition to offering the regular passenger service used by over 600,000 people every day, the SSB is currently involved in two major projects: the purchase and fitting of 20 new trains, as well as the general refurbishment of 76 vehicles from stock.

To ensure passenger safety, key requirements for the flooring included slip resistance in all weather conditions regardless of the shoe sole material as well as fire protection and compliance with fire, smoke and toxicity regulations. With Altro Transflor meeting all the criteria, about 12,500 square metres of the safety flooring product was supplied for the project.

Altro Transflor Tungsten was selected by SSB for these projects. Feature highlights include 2mm thickness; lightweight construction with hard-wearing qualities; excellent safety; reinforced scrim for additional strength; and fleece backing ensuring enhanced flexibility during installation and facilitating bonding, even in narrow or difficult to access places.

Delivering the assurance of long-lasting durability, Altro Transflor safety flooring contributes to reduced repair and replacement costs in the long term. The flooring can be welded to grooved waterproof jointing, which protects the subfloor against water penetration.

Image: Altro Transflor Tungsten safety flooring was specified by SSB