Altro Safety Flooring advises caution before rushing into decisions regarding flooring choices without research.

Begin with assessing your needs. Take your time considering all available options and clear all doubts before committing to a product. Ask, for instance, whether the flooring product is suitable for the intended project; confirm its durability and lifespan; check its safety rating; and find out about ease of installation or removal and whether it is fit for purpose.

Cutting costs upfront can be very expensive in the long run. Select a flooring solution that is practical and long-lasting. The downside of using cheaper alternatives is that it will need to be repaired or replaced sooner, not only resulting in additional costs but also wasting time and making the space unusable for a longer period of time than initially planned.

When choosing safety flooring, don’t base your decisions on appearance alone. Your choice should be based on the suitability of the solution rather than personal taste. For instance, you wouldn't want to install flooring unsuitable for wet areas if you want your pool or bathroom to be a safe environment, or a flooring solution that will wear out in a few months because it couldn’t withstand the amount of foot traffic.

Take advice from experts who are equipped to provide vital knowledge and technical advice. They can advise on the suitability of any flooring solution to the proposed end application. They can also offer valuable information about testing procedures such as pendulum testing, fire testing and slip testing.

Every building has a unique set of requirements. Some flooring designs may look too busy with the existing interior. Prioritise your requirements and choose your flooring wisely. After all, what would you rather do - change all your furniture and décor or the floor design?

Do not go by style trends because they are just that – trends, which may change every season. Select a flooring option that will look great throughout seasons. Neutral tones such as black, brown and beige are the safest options instead of bright or vibrant colours.

Do not let your time-poor schedule stop you from getting the professional advice and assistance you need for your flooring project. Working with a team of experts will save you time and unnecessary stress during the specification process all the way through installation.