Altro Safety Flooring installed new flooring at the Sur-Tech facility to meet the performance and durability objectives of the client. Despite the harsh production environment, the safety flooring has been serving the company well for over 24 years.

Sur-Tech sought durability, safety and appearance attributes when they decided to install Altro Classic 25 safety flooring in the production and storage areas of their facility. Sur-Tech sets high standards when it comes to safety and durability, given that the floors are constantly exposed to water, chemicals and liquid spills as well as wear and heavy traffic.

Sur-Tech director Tage Sand explains that flooring plays a major role in reducing slip accidents. This attribute is especially relevant in their galvanisation business where they work with acids and bases every day, representing a high risk to both the environment and safety.

Altro Classic 25 combines silicon carbide on the surface with aluminium trioxide throughout the mix, making the flooring very slip-resistant, extremely durable and well suited for use in industrial areas.

With both safety and the environment being prioritised at the facility, Tage Sand says it is a huge advantage that the flooring can be coved to the ceiling. This ensures fluids do not penetrate through the flooring and leak under the doors or into the subfloor. Altro's strong sustainability profile also helps minimise Sur-Tech’s impact on the environment.

He adds that the safety flooring can be installed easily and cleaning is extremely straightforward. Sur-Tech has chosen the flooring in a practical grey colour that lights up rooms, and also appears neutral at the same time.

Tage Sand concludes that Altro Classic 25 safety flooring has not only met their quality objectives but has also lasted more than 24 years, despite the tough environment.