The Euro Jamb architectural door jamb system is a patented single rebate door jamb profile with a 10mm shadowline finish, available at Altro Building Systems .

Eurojamb consists of a two part aluminium/timber profile that is adjustable to the wall thickness making the installation process simple.

Perforated set beads with 10mm shadowline are incorporated into the Eurojamb system eliminating the need to apply flimsy metal shadowline trims after the jamb is installed. 

Hinges and striker plates are rebated flush into the Eurojamb styles.

Altro Building Systems are suppliers of the premium heavy duty “Pier” hinge system which includes the 3D adjustable concealed hinge. 

Pier hinges have been designed specifically for the Eurojamb system.

Eurojamb is also complimented by the Ezy Skirt SL95 skirting system for a continuous unbroken shadowline finish”.