Alternative Technology Association  is one of the foremost non profit organisations that is involved in the promotion of renewable energy, sustainable technology innovation and practice for environmental protection. Alternative Technology Association holds numerous demonstration projects on renewable energy, water conservation and sustainable building partnered with the government, industry and public welfare sectors.

Alternative Technology Association is actively involved in testing new and evolving technologies and practices to identify effective real life practices. The organisation contributes to a variety of state and federal government strategies based on its extensive research. The current research areas include energy efficiency, energy market reform, renewable energy policy formulation and viability of domestic wind turbines.

Alternative Technology Association collaborates with numerous state-owned as well as private organisations in Australia and the international arena in providing a strong voice for renewable energy initiatives.

Various research projects on water conservation and the efficient usage of grey water i.e. the domestic wastewater from kitchen sink, washing machine and bathroom showers have been conducted. Alternative Technology Association also holds seminars and workshops for both members as well as public on installing and using such greywater utilisation facilities at a low cost. It has also published extensively on energy conservation and sustainable living methods in magazines, booklets and CD ROMs.