Alternative Technology Association  is a non profit organisation working to provide a strong voice for renewable energy and the idea of green living. It offers expert advice on conserving energy, building with natural materials and reducing, reusing and recycling of natural resources.

Alternative technology Association has been a pioneer in the field of green power generation and is currently involved in research for viability of domestic wind turbines in urban areas. Alternative methods like solar power generation and nuclear power generation also feature extensively in its projects, publications and promotional events. The organisation has campaigned widely towards the issue of radioactive waste storage and management under the idea of green living.

With renewable energy as its key priority, Alternative Technology Association also advocates for cheap and efficient ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving grey water utilisation. For over two decades, the organization has, through its magazines ReNew and Sanctuary, educated the public and the industry on the latest in energy conservation and recycling.

Water conservation is yet another primary area of work that Alternative Technology Association is involved in. Numerous surveys and projects for the research, implementation and promotion of effective water conservation and recycling have been undertaken in the past decade.