Alternative Technology Association  is a service organisation dedicated to the initiation and implementation of research projects with regard to water and energy conservation as well as renewable energy resources. The organisation has undertaken numerous surveys and projects to create a greener and safer environment.

With the help of its team of members and the consumers, Alternative Technology Association obtains feedback and effectively identifies areas of importance and improvement. This is done through internet forums, seminars, discussions and educational events in which information and ideas are shared on various topics related to current areas of research.

Current research projects of Alternative Technology Association include greywater trials, viability of domestic wind turbines in urban areas and solar energy generation. In addition, there are also numerous projects based on consumer experience like impediments to grid connection of solar photovoltaic systems and environmental performance of heat pumps.

The community research projects undertaken by Alternative Technology Association include modules for resource planning, cost and implementation options, climate change issues, technical efficiency, environmental performance, community acceptance and recycling practices.

Alternative Technology Association formed its International Projects Group (IPG) in 2003, to research on technologies to aid low income communities in South East Asia and the Pacific. This group has been instrumental in developing technologies that provide lighting and power sources to significant locations like hospitals, care centres and night clinics.