The Viktoria and Woods flagship store in Chadstone is an upscale boutique with interiors that express both refined elegance and contemporary minimalism.

Designed by GOLDEN, the Vik & Woods store reflects the brand’s pared-back approach to unique and modern fashion design, summed up as ‘simplicity made striking’. The gallery-style display has garments and shoes presented on rails and plinths illuminated against high sweeping walls.

The store’s floors are finished with X-Bond Microcement in ‘Umber’ colour – a gloriously rich and warm brown hue complementing the signature neutral palette associated with the Vik & Woods brand. Hand trowelled over an existing concrete slab, the flooring looks as soft as the merino wool sweaters lining the racks above.

X-Bond’s raw texture in an organic beige tone provides a natural foil to the more luxurious stylistic elements of the store’s interiors including the stunning marble countertop and puffy leather armchair. Vik & Woods’ characteristic approach to fashion design, which takes a more grounded view of sophisticated modernity, is reflected on the floors of the Chadstone store.

Upscale, unpretentious and minimalist – the store’s interiors are an extension of the fashion display. The power of X-Bond to elevate yet ground a space is on full display here, exemplifying the beauty of soothingly seamless surfaces. 

Photographer: Timothy Kaye