Alternative Surfaces, a specialist provider of hard surface finishes, is widely specified by leading architects and designers across a broad range of residential and commercial projects.

Surfacing solutions from Alternative Surfaces are known for their application versatility as they can be installed over a wide range of solid substrates.

Alternative Surfaces asked a few architects and designers about why they choose to specify these finishes for their projects.

Buchan @ Mail Exchange
Buchan Group

Design Manager Ashley Bell explained that they faced constraints from the existing grano topping on the planked slab. Seeking a polished concrete product or any other hardwearing finish with a similar feel, they came across the Alternative Surfaces brand.

They specified X-Bond Polished Bond to achieve a hardwearing finish that would also be easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, they could choose from a range of colours and the installation didn’t require many expansion joints. The final outcome has met their expectations and the finish is able to withstand traffic.

Southern Cross Austereo
Graham Nicholas

Design Manager Robert Collins said they specified Alternative Surfaces’ X-Bond Polished Bond for a staff cafe and breakout space designed around an urban garden theme. X-Bond Polished Bond was specified for the wall to evoke a walled garden vibe and create the impression of rendered concrete.

REA Australia

Design Director Gavin Harris explained that they chose Quartz Carpet from Alternative Surfaces for its hardwearing properties in the main thoroughfares on working office and commercial floors. The product’s high performance is matched by its great looks and unique finish that give their projects an edge, he adds.

Quartz Carpet has the unique ability to be installed uniformly with an unbroken finish regardless of the extent of the application area. The material also assists with acoustics in noisy spaces. Very importantly, it is easy to clean and maintain – a distinct advantage for high use areas.

Gavin appreciated the support from Alternative Surfaces during the execution of the project in terms of quickly receiving samples upon request, technical support and responsiveness.

The Quartz Carpet installation continues to perform well acoustically and looks as good as new almost two years later even though it is in a high traffic area.

Alternative Surfaces has captured the attention and imagination of a significant section of the architecture and design community across the Asia Pacific region for providing innovative alternatives to traditional timber, carpet or tiled flooring options.