Wall and floor surfaces specialist Alternative Surfaces presents a selection of unique office fitouts that showcase all that’s cool about workplace design.

Alternative Surfaces shares five of their favourite office fitouts from around the world, featured in the Archdaily – each design an example of absolute creativity.

Squarespace, New York

Polished concrete floors, large windows with natural light, luxurious lounge break-out areas, what's not to love? Photo credit: Squarespace

Objective Subjective, New York

Architects: GRT Architects

Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

Mercedes Benz, Thailand Headquarters

Architects: PBM

Photo credit: W Workspace

West Elm Corporate Headquarters, New York

Architects: VM Architecture & Design

Photo credit: Garrett Rowland & West Elm

Uber Advanced Technologies Group, PA

Architect: Assembly Design Studio

Photo credit: Jasper Sanidad