Specifier A1 Office has been partnering with Alternative Surfaces for a good number of years on several projects. The design partnership between the two companies has led to excellent outcomes; these three projects are proof why the relationship is working so well.

A1 Office has been specifying the diverse portfolio of Alternative Surfaces for several years, with recent projects including The Gordon Skills and Job Centre, Visionstream, and Austbrokers Countrywide.

The Gordon Skills and Jobs Centre

Dana Moussaoui, Design Manager for A1 Office explained that the X-Bond finish recalled an ‘old school ground’ style, which metaphorically conveyed the heritage of The Gordon. This finish also allowed them to carry a seamless join between the herringbone surface and the concrete surface. From a functional perspective, the hardwearing material was a logical choice for the commercial space as it would withstand the heavy wear and tear, while retaining a sleek attractive look for a long time.

Moussaoui added that their design intent was to convey a modern, industrial look throughout the space by creating a continuous transition from floor to wall. This could be achieved with the X-Bond product that could be used on floors and walls.


Visionstream’s office required an outdoor feel for their breakout space. By specifying Alternative Surfaces, A1 Office could capture the outdoors vibe with the functionality of an indoor space, without having to use a real concrete slab.

Austbrokers Countrywide

A1 Office wanted to use a flooring solution that would act like a ‘canvas’ for the feature reception desk. Moussaoui said the subtle tones and soft ergonomic tactility of the Alternative Surfaces product made it a very appealing option, with the concrete look setting the perfect backdrop to the space.

Moussaoui adds that A1 Office takes pride in designing and delivering innovative and high quality spaces; working with Alternative Surfaces helps them achieve their design objectives every time.