The Grid connected solar systems from Alternate Power Systems are installed on the roof top in order to generate the power. It is significant to note that every 1000 watt per hour of electricity generated with the help of brown coal helps to produce approximately 1.4 kilogram of greenhouse gasses. An average home uses about 10 and 20 kilowatt hour of electricity per day. The 1500 watt grid connected solar system helps to generate seventy percent of the power. This kind of power generation helps customers to keep their bill amount at the minimum level. The sun therefore offers power in order to manufacture solar system components. Alternate Power Systems also offers battery backup system in case if the power goes out.

The grid connected solar system also allows running essential items such as water pumps, refrigerators, lights as well as coffee machine. The Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) offers substantial rebate up to 8000 dollars in terms of 1000 watt solar system. Alternate Power Systems installs this system in most of the houses. This system offers about 75 percent of power for an average sized energy efficient home.