In Australia, roughly 200,000 homes are broken into each year. Despite the risks, security screens are often overlooked in building design. A high quality security screen can not only deliver elevated levels of security and peace of mind, it can serve multiple purposes as a fly screen, solar shading screen, fall prevention screen, bushfire protection screen and/or a fire attenuation screen. When specifying screen doors and windows, architects, designers must ensure the product meets all relevant Australian standards and is suitable for its intended purpose.


Smarter Security: A Guide to Specifying Multi-Use Security Screen Solutions addresses the industry confusion over security screen specification and considers the alternative uses of security screens to improve the safety, efficiency and comfort of Australian buildings. First, we explain the difference between security doors and barrier doors. We then take a detailed look at specifying security screens, including meeting the relevant security standards and making the right hardware and design choices. We also discuss how to assess multi-use doors to ensure they meet the performance requirements for bushfire applications, fall prevention and energy efficiency.


Established in 1974, Alspec is the market leader in the design and distribution of innovative aluminium systems to the architectural, industrial and home improvement markets. Featuring heavy duty materials and unique patented product architecture, Alspec’s Invisi-Gard is a single multi-function security screen that does everything in an easy “one size fits all” solution.

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