Several Alspec products were installed at a beautiful home in the exclusive Melbourne suburb of Toorak to achieve a distinctive gallery look inside and out.

Designed by Billy Kavellaris of KUD Architecture, the JARtB House stands out for its spectacular top floor where art, architecture and glazing converge to create an art gallery vibe. Large panels of structural glazing provide the canvas for artistic images, also drawing attention from the street. The liveable art theme continues inside the home with a combination of art installations and more glazing.

The second level cube-shaped living space with the walls of structural glazing turns heads due to its distinctive shape and decorative covering. The glazing has been created using a combination of Alspec’s McArthur 101.6mm centre pocket framing and Hastings 550 front glazed plant on system with each panel meticulously measured and sized to ensure the images matched perfectly. A film, printed with the images of ancient Greek statues and the modern twist of designer graffiti, was used in the laminate level of each glass panel.

Double height spaces within the home further enhance the gallery-like environment with a series of light wells illuminating the living spaces and highlighting the displayed art. A section of overhead glazing along the length of the home has been used to construct a long narrow skylight, which brings in natural light and draws attention to the gallery-style wall of artwork. The skylight was created using Hastings 500 front glazed plant on system. Adaptors can be used to fix the front glazing to aluminium, steel or timber, covering the structure and creating the desired impact.

Various Alspec products were used in other parts of the home including a Torrens 45mm commercial shopfront door in the laundry as well as openable awning windows.

Available in hinged, pivoted or sliding configurations, Torrens doors can accommodate a range of glass thicknesses up to 28mm in the double glazed option. Normally used in commercial buildings, Torrens doors make for an attractive addition in residential applications thanks to their wide stile design.

Alspec’s top hung commercial awning windows were selected to provide openable windows without visible hardware. Featuring a concealed winder base and covers, the windows provide function without a visible winding mechanism. While the sash is inset of the framing to deliver a flush appearance, the overlapping internal and external seals will ensure the windows perform well in all weather conditions.

Photographer: Peter Bennetts Studio