The avant-garde design of the Red Earth Arts Precinct in Karratha, WA is inspired by the red hills of the Pilbara region in the far north-west of Australia. A new art exhibition and function centre, the Red Earth Arts Precinct featuring a cascading hill shape is representative of the surrounding Australian landscape.

Designed by Peter Hunt Architects, the venue offers a 450-seat theatre for performing arts or cinema; an outdoor amphitheatre; a rooftop terrace, which can also be used for cinema; art spaces; a library; and administration offices.

The Red Earth Arts Precinct provides a fitting showcase to the region’s artistic talents, as well as the high performance ALSPEC range of window and door solutions.

The window and door framing requirements for the multi-use building were met by ALSPEC with a broad range of products.

The ecoWall 225 flush glazed framing, which is ideal for large height entrance foyers and atriums, was selected for its excellent structural integrity with features such as reinforced subheads and mullion anti-buckling technology. The ecoWall’s inherent strength also eliminated the need for expensive steel frames. The flush glazed design, which can accommodate 4mm-14mm single glazing and up to 28mm double glazing options, features self-draining sub sills to deliver superior weather performance.

ALSPEC also supplied McArthur 101.6mm centre pocket framing and Altitude apartment sliding windows as part of the glazing solutions. Architects favour the McArthur framing for its visual appeal and ability to span large spaces with sharp unbroken lines. Centre pocket glazing reduces the number of glazing beads required, allowing faster installation as well as providing ongoing strength and security. The McArthur framing also features self-draining sub sills to eliminate water issues and easily adapts to accept openable windows such as the Altitude apartment sliding windows.

ALSPEC’s cyclonic doors and Swan Evo commercial shopfront doors met the door requirements of the project, and were selected for their ability to stand up to the highest extremes of potential pressure and water penetration that can occur in the cyclonic Pilbara region. Both door products have been tested to ensure cyclonic impact compliance.

Blue Sky Aluminium was the ALSPEC fabricator on the project.