ALSPEC announces the release of their new Design Handbook, a comprehensive guide to their complete window and door framing products.

A leader in the design and distribution of innovative aluminium systems in Australia, Alspec’s products are used widely across the architectural, residential, industrial and home improvement markets.

The Handbook details the diverse range of products and solutions offered by Alspec in one convenient and easily accessible location.

“This Handbook will be an indispensable guide for the busy architect, builder or home renovator who wants to see at a glance the variety of solutions we offer,” explained Alspec national sales and marketing manager Richard Harrison.

The Handbook is structured for design professionals and specifiers to easily locate systems based on the product category or application.

“We wanted clients to be able to easily visualise and compare the range of services and products offered by Alspec, so they can identify which one may be the most suitable for their specific project needs,” said Harrison.

The Handbook also includes a selection of case studies showcasing the application of products in specific projects.

“The Case Studies are helpful because they give real-life examples of where a product has been used, sometimes in very innovative ways. This can be great for stimulating ideas and discussions with clients about what they are trying to achieve,” Harrison added.

Alspec’s Design Handbook

The Handbook includes sections on Alspec’s key product ranges such as commercial windows and doors; commercial framing; louvres and solar control; home improvement accessories (balustrades, slats, wardrobe and shower framing); screening (security, insect protection and fall prevention); and residential windows and doors.

Alspec’s Research and Development expertise, details of the National Specification Services and a summary of Liveable Design and Access qualities of particular ranges that help make spaces safer and easier to use, are also part of the Handbook.

The guide also outlines how Alspec’s solutions address National Construction Code requirements with a handy chart comparing the various product ranges against key aspects of the Code such as BAL-40 bushfire compliance, cyclonic compliance, acoustics compliance, AS2047 (mandatory minimum specification for windows and doors), fall prevention compliance and the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS). 

Additional sections describe specialist products such as AluKand ThermAFrame (thermally broken framing), and detail complementary items such as commercial hardware accessories. There is also information about types of finishes available and the range of colour options.

For more detailed or technical information on specific products and services, clients can access Alspec’s comprehensive website and download information such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) files and technical documentation.